Maria is a bio-weapon like Jo, but with even stronger and more violent tendencies. She has a tattoo that can appear like Jo, but it is on the right side where as Jo's tattoo is on the left side.


While Jo more efficient with guns, Maria relies more on bladed weapons such as swords and cutting wire. In the past, both she and Jo and a third, Lava were the remaining fighters in a combat exercise to determine the syndicate's " Genocide Angel".  Maria won by default, but Jo was only rendered unconscious, thus Maria feeling like she didn't beat Jo. After sometime she crosses paths with Jo once more. When Jo is captured by RAPT, Maria disobeys orders and kidnaps Meg to lure Jo into one final battle. She takes Jo to the same training area where their match was left unresolved. After a hand to hand battle Jo won and Maria lost her will to fight. She asks Jo what she can do after she gains her humanity; Jo only tells her to live on. She then reunites Jo with Meg only to be surrounded by new RAPT cybots. She tells Meg to escape with Jo while she fights off the new mechs and appears to have been shot dead.