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"Hell Comes Silently"

6 April 2004

1 December 2008

Kyouhei, a culinary student, takes a mysterious job working for four women: Sei, Meg, Amy, and Jo. They are a special taskforce, and when one of their jobs goes awry, Kyouhei is kidnapped.


"The Heartless Gunfighter"

13 April 2004

2 December 2008

Meg is kidnapped by a cybot, and Jo goes after her, taking Kyouhei. They go into the most dangerous part of town and retrieve Meg, along with a piece of the cybot.


"City Where the Beast Howls"

20 April 2004

3 December 2008

Kyouhei has second thoughts about his new job. The girls go after a lunatic named Anthony Wong, and get involved in a secret experiment along with Wong's brother.


"The Brothers Die at Dawn"

27 April 2004

4 December 2008

Meg is trapped on a train with Wong and his brother, Jack Liang. Hinode Pharmaceuticals has been performing experiments on Wong, and he turns into a monster. This monster drives the train into a Hinode building, and Jo saves Meg at the last second.


"Mansion Where Lurks the Demon"

4 May 2004

5 December 2008

Meg goes undercover at an all girls school. She investigates an elite clique called Ishtar, and is attacked by a monster.


"Wash this Garden with Blood!"

11 May 2004

8 December 2008

The students at the all girls school have been used as test subjects, turning one girl, called Nadesico Volban, into a monster. Jo joins the school and kills the monstrous girl.


"Black Sky"

18 May 2004

9 December 2008

A giant mechanized crow abducts Meg. It's searching for a deadly nanobot virus that has been injected in Kyouhei. Jo takes Kyouhei at gunpoint to look for the crow.


"The Wounded Outlaw"

25 May 2004

10 December 2008

Jo and Kyouhei are on the run from Sei's underlings, as they search for the crow. Jo and Sei resolve their differences, and Jo defeats the crow using Jango in time to save Kyouhei.


"Party of the Dragon"

25 May 2004

11 December 2008

Sei agrees to a political marriage for the sake of the Bailan, but the groom named Jei doublecrosses them. Meg's flying white tiger chi is unleashed, and Jei and his men are defeated.


"Uncharted Cyberspace"

8 June 2004

12 December 2008

Someone has been posting pictures of Amy in cyberspace, so she and Kyouhei go shopping for electronics. A group of "monitormen" wants her to join them in cyberspace permanently, but she defeats them.


"Eastern Angel, Western Hawk"

15 June 2004

15 December 2008

Jo is ordered to protect Mega Rider, a Japanese wrestler. Ultra Beast, his opponent, turns into a monster and Jo goes off to kill it.


"Tower of Tears"

22 June 2004

16 December 2008

A cybot attacks Osaka. RAPT is trying to take over the Osaka police, and they have planted a man in the Osaka police. The man captures Meg, as Jo fights the cybot.


"Showdown in Osaka"

29 June 2004

17 December 2008

Takane Katsu saves Meg from the dirty cop, Iriki. Then Takane and Jo take down the cybot, extracting its brain and killing Iriki in the process.


"Wild Kids"

6 July 2004

18 December 2008

A flashback reveals Meg and Jo's history. Meg is the leader of a group of orphans who find Jo in a river with Amnesia.


"Slingin' Oil"

13 July 2004

19 December 2008

In a bit of fan service, the group goes to the beach. A giant squid causes a flaming oil spill, and Jo takes it down with Jango.


"The Man with No Name"

20 July 2004

22 December 2008

Jo goes after a mysterious cybot, and meets a mute samurai. The cybot destroyed a village he was protecting, and he seeks revenge.


"Dueling Angels"

27 July 2004

23 December 2008

The cybot is piloted by Maria, a woman with special abilities like Jo. When she and Jo fight, it transports them to another reality. In this reality, the mute samurai defeats the cybot with a magic sword. Sei shows up with Jango in the middle of the battle.


"The Immortal Classmate"

3 August 2004

24 December 2008

Kyohei runs into a friend from school, Akio. Akio has joined the yakuza and become a cyborg. Akio's boss Eiji has turned on him, and they destroy each other.


"24-Hour Strategy"

10 August 2004

25 December 2008

Takane and Leo visit the filming of a television drama, when Takane goes berserk then becomes unconscious. A glowing brain is controlling Tokyo's children, including Takane, and sends them after the group. Jo destroys the brain, and everyone returns to normal.


"Blood Red Highway"

17 August 2004

26 December 2008

A RAPT police cybot attacks Takane on the freeway. It's glowing brain causes it to attack innocent people. It calls in reinforcements, but Jo and the team destroy them all.


"New Sheriff in Town"

24 August 2004

29 December 2008

The Bailan have joined forces with RAPT. They force Sei to disband the group. Then send them on one last mission to kill the mutated governor, Ishihara.


"The Devil You Love/Genocide Angels"

31 August 2004

30 December 2008

Jo is captured, and her past is revealed. She' a bio-weapon, the same as Maria. They are the two survivors of a death match to choose the best. Maria comes on to Meg, then kidnaps her and Jo. Note: also called "Genocide Angels."


"Red Sea Gallows"

7 September 2004

31 December 2008

Maria takes Jo and Meg to a ship in the ocean. Jo and Maria have a duel, and Maria's desire to kill Jo abates. Jo, Meg and Maria are then attacked by RAPT cybots and Maria is (apparently) killed.


"Angels, Explode!"

14 September 2004

1 January 2009

Jo knocks Meg unconscious for her own safety, and Sei and Jo take down RAPT, with the help of Leo, Takane and Amy. After a long gun battle with RAPT cybots across town, Jo and Sei enter the RAPT HQ and destroy it's supercomputer, along with killing the head of RAPT, which leads to the base exploding with them inside. Later on, Meg awakens on the beach and discovers what happened. The story ends with Meg replacing Jo in a scene similar to the entry credits but with a red Jango. The fates of Leo, Takane and Amy are left ambiguous, but it is implied they survived the final battle and fled from Tokyo.

Burst Angel OVAEdit

Episode: "Jo and Meg Blues"

Burst Angel Infinity

This ova is the aftermath of episode 14 ("Wild Kids"), and in this side story Jo and Meg go back to New York, to see Shirley on her "birthday" (not really her birthday, it’s the date that she joined Meg and her little gang of kids). However when they get there they find Shirley in pretty bad shape, hospitalized. Shirley's attacker is on the loose and the police will not do anything, so it's up to Jo and Meg to track down and take revenge on the mysterious killer for hurting a member of the old gang.

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